"A bunch of hay sold $ 1. Hard to find and even then, he had to Ngawi, Bojonegoro East Java and to Sragen. Ngawi price of hay in a truck around $ 0.03
One belt is estimated only enough hay to feed for two days, and even then must be coupled with other types of feed "

So if you want a successful breeding, operating costs should be as low as possible. But should feed the best quality that is also healthy cattle.
His solution is: modern livestock system HCS

Type of feed / feed ingredients, such as:
Straw, from agricultural crops (rice, corn, sugarcane, kale, soy, etc.)
Tuber skin (Skin cassava, sweet potato, etc.)
Skin nuts (peanut shell, leather coffee etc).

Vegetables (for lower cost, can use vegetable scraps from the market, with a pattern of wet fermentation)
Leaves, both the wet and dry ones

The basic ingredients used in the product must be fermented HCS. For other types of dry ingredients, using SOC fermentation process takes a minimum of 24 hours, while for other types of wet (wet leaves / green) only takes a minimum of 3 hours. Goats feed on a given set.

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