Goats and sheep fattening

Goat and sheep breeding farm in Indonesia or in part most regions of the world are still using the traditional way. In free-range, look for grass and harvest as much as 2 times a year, harvesting only when there is an event sacrificial religion of Islam or when the new school year to get his cattle in selling educational expenses. Traditional breeding methods are not effective manner. Besides a long time in terms of operational costs are also quite high. More than it does hygenis and more prone to disease

Fattening goats / sheep are raising goats / sheep in a state of thin or small seedlings to be increased by enlarging the meat weight in a relatively short time (3-5 months) weight gain can reach 2-3 pounds per week.

The types of goats and sheep cut
Etawa goat breeds ( PE ): This is basically a goat dairy, but it is also as producers of meat, especially after the salvage. This Etawa upward curved nose, ears between 15-30 cm long, hanging down and a little stiff, fur color varies between black and brown, thick and rather long fur under the neck and shoulders ( males ), at the bottom of the tail (females)

Goat beans : Ram this type of characteristic small body and relatively short, erect ears and short, males and females have horns, short neck and back elevated, fur color varies, there are black, brown, red or black-and- white .

Fat Tailed Sheep : Sheep, goats, this air form characteristic long tail, thick, big and small increasingly getting to the end, do not have horns, mostly colored white, sometimes black or brownish
Thin Tailed Sheep : Sheep, goats, thin tail is characterized by a small body, the tail is relatively small and thin, white colored fur, horns small and circular ( male ), no horns (females)

Seed selection
Good seed going to fattening are as follows :
Aged between 4 months - 8 months
Normal body size, healthy, clean and shiny coat, back and waist straight line
Fourth straight leg, looks sturdy and high heel
There is no defect in the body, not blind
Clean nose, eyes sharp and clean as well as clean anus

Maintenance Procedure

      In general, the type of home in the poultry Gift is shaped stage , construction stage is made under the floor of the cage or vault to hold the dirt there . Presence kebecekan and under can avoid direct contact with contaminated soil may be disease . Cage floor elevated between 50-80 cm . Feed tub can be mounted on the wall . Tub height feed for goats and sheep are different. Bak feed for goats made ​​a bit high , roughly sebahunya habit goats eat leaves shrubs . For Lamb , the basic feed tub enclosure horizontal to the floor because Sheep grazing habits . Cage floor is made of bamboo wood boards or parts are arranged with a distance of 2-3 cm . Thus , feces and urine easily fall on vault , while tracak / gifts are not the farthest distance / pinched .

Cage size :
1.2 m X 1.2 m / 3 tail
      Excavated under the base enclosure ± 20 cm deep section rim and 30-50 cm in the middle and made ​​the channel leading dirt receptacle. Impurities can then be processed to become manure. Cage cleanliness must be maintained.

      The main feed is generally provided in the form of fresh forages, such as grasses, legumes ( lamtoro and turi leaves, etc. ) or a variety of forage ( cassava leaves ( high protein ), jackfruit and papaya ). And various special legume forage before being given to the cattle should dilayukan first 2-3 hours in the sun to get rid of toxins in the forage.

      In addition to forage, we use feed prebiotics. Of dry feed ingredients. With certain techniques we will get better results than conventional feed. In addition to feed cheap, easy to obtain the result is also satisfying. Save time, save energy and costs, free-range and graze freely and their droppings do not smell

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