How to make Fermented Feed

Basically any animal ruminants certainly affect what he ate fermented in the rumen to then reabsorbed by the body as nutrients. This physical process would require excessive time because what goes in your stomach is still a raw foods.

So from here we came to know that the rumen fermentation process turns out we can do to help out the gastrointestinal tract, which provide food fermentation so. that means when the finished fermented feed eaten by the animal in the process quicker and faster anyway nutrients will be absorbed. Consequently cattle fat faster.

first we need to know that what would be fermented is the same as what is eaten by livestock without fermentation. The same is material and that difference is the composition of content that can be set as percent of the nutritional adequacy of the livestock.

fermentation goal is for solid material decomposition clicking on groceries to be simpler so they can digest more easily, thus we will be able to find many of the alternative feed consumed by cattle previously not feasible due to dense and hard after fermented into soft and suitable for consumption even has a good nutrient content for livestock. Example, corn corncob contains carbohydrates and fiber are good enough, but because it is necessary in the fermentation hard in order for the software, and then another banana tree and straw: banana tree has a high potassium but unfortunately due to the high fiber content also tasteful not all animals eat it, let alone straw is very fibrous. nah from the cohtoh we come to know what is the purpose of fermentation.

what if the material is exemplified no? ya here. we need to know the most basic examples of fermentation but not the content of the material to be fermented. because not every area of ​​the same food that is being fed. eg in Java many banana stem in Kalimantan many weeds, water hyacinth on the river a lot of garbage on the mountain many cocoa. Of the manufacture of fermented feed application will be slightly different from one place to another place. Differences in terms of the length of time and the results obtained. Why is that? because the material was not among the same materials and quality content nutrisnya. THIS IS IMPORTANT note that we do not blame science experiences during fermentation because it is confused anyone tell me why the results are not as per the instructions etc.

Inevitably involves microbial fermentation, in nature there are many microbes, and microbial fermentation which is used can be taken from the rumen of cattle. But now there are microbes cultured and packaged in a bottle that is more practical and economical. Organic Liquid Supplements SOC is microbial fermentation used to make animal feed ingredients.

how to make a fermented feed? Later in the review again please come in fermented feed manufacturing training events your city

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