goat hair loss and its causes

Goats or sheep are pets. animals kept for milk taken, leather, fur and meat. Goat or sheep fur consists of two layers: coarse, usually because the clay to coat and soft undercoat (cashmere). Goats or sheep are susceptible to various diseases can lead to feather fur loss , but most can be treated by a veterinarian. some of the causes

Parasites and fungi

Both internal and external parasites are known to cause hair loss in goats or sheep. Cutter type worms (Haemonchus contortus) is an example of internal parasites. He lived in the area bebulu dense, and goats or sheep can ingest them while breastfeeding. Mange (Sarcoptes scabiei) and ticks are external parasites that live on the skin of animals. Ringworm is a fungus that causes hair to break up in the skin

Goat or ewe, or not, it can sometimes hair loss before, during or after giving birth to a child or a baby goat or lamb. This is due to fluctuations (up and down) hormones, including estrogen. Goat or ram can also lose hair when castrated from the loss of hormones

Trauma and Stress
Stress on sheep or goats or sheep are also caused by physical injury, adjustment in the new place or also due to travel far. Goats or sheep that are under stress are usually characterized by rubbing rub the body in the cage walls or objects until there fur is falling out.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency
Zinc deficiency, vitamin A, iodine or selenium deficiency can cause hair loss in goats or sheep

Feed fermentation and hair loss

Allow fermentation feed goats or sheep can digest better fed , beneficial microbes that help improve digestion and reduce the impact of stress due to external factors are also able to improve appetite goats or sheep. fermentation of feed will help overcome the loss more quickly.

Overcome drug hair loss goat or sheep

The most potent drug to cope with hair loss such as goat is to eradicate the source of worms and fleas, as well as cope with the stress in goats. Because natural goat hair will grow back without being given any medication. And the second reason is to prevent prior causes not come back

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